"Author Joycelyn Wells, breathes life into words."

"Author Joycelyn Wells, breathes life into words."

"Author Joycelyn Wells, breathes life into words." "Author Joycelyn Wells, breathes life into words."

Me... Then, now, always

Joy Joy


First and foremost, I've always 

been hella serious! Even as young girl, I was not for the games or one-dimensional entertainers. My favorite pleasure seeking activity was always, and to this day still involves, books. I can remember the day when I realized that I could read about sex. Well, honestly I didn't know what I was reading but I know it triggered my curiosity. I wanted to read more. The words of each author forced me to pull out a dictionary. Yummy, descriptive words, that placed me on a path of knowing and self-discovery. The details were always in the books, never ever vague and never too much.  It was my key to freedom!  



I never thought a single moment about writing a book or, hell, even telling a story. Yet, what I have found is that when I accepted my gifts of becoming an author, an entertainer even, I became my most authentic self. I am a phenomenal writer. In fact, a storyteller, gifted from a place unseen with the ability to transport an entire crowd of listeners to a place of welcomed pleasure or forcing uncomfortable shifting upon a single reader, of either of my books, due to the fear of acknowledging the purpose of their existence.     



I'm free. It has taken me years to remove the noise from my mind and get to a place upon my path to walk boldly into my purpose. The gifts, of being an author and entertainer, to educate and lead have been bestowed upon me from the universe. It is at this place that I can share my life, my stories of hope and pain, my dreams of remaining free and intention of being pleasing in God's eye. Lastly, people are encouraged to take what they need from the gifts collected along my journey and to use them as they move forward in theirs. Proudly knowing that the gifts within my books and my heart have 

been given willfully and joyfully.  

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