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I Am...

As a woman of a certain age...

I find myself in uncharted waters, as a new writer. I've probably always been; though, I never knew. As I look back on my life, I do recall a few peculiar qualities that should have shed light, for instance: my imagination is my favorite playground, words are my dearest friends and my desire to influence a nation lives at the forefront of my dreams.

One winter afternoon, I shared an unfinished short story, about a gentleman giving me a bath, with a friend. He loved it and offered two pieces of information. First, you must finish it; and second, if you, in fact, wrote that, you are my favorite author of all time. My mind raced as I thought of the endless list of books and authors that we've shared and discussed.

I obliged him and completed the story. And the damnedest thing happened, I kept writing and writing, story after story, until I had sheets of paper in front of me. I wrote, he read. Then I asked, "What are you going to do with all of this?" He replied, "Publish it." I must admit that never in all of my mind had I thought of writing a book. And I must admit, it is the equivalent of opening the doors to your mind and inviting others to come in and take a look around.

I have worked for others my whole life for others. Today, I work for myself, and well, those who are interested in finding freedom. Freedom from society's moral judgement and misguided challenges. Freedom from the tiny saboteur that lives in our brain and screams at the top of his lungs. Freedom to embrace the idea that "it is what I make it" instead of "it is what it is." Yeah, Freedom.

My books are written for anyone who is bold enough to traipse through the pitch darkness of the recesses of their mind. You know those situations that we desperately try to escape seeking refuge? My stories explore a time when sexual desires ruled and desperation fueled the mission. Each short story, in The Virtues of Joy, More Virtues of Joy, and, most recently, Mor3 Virtues of Joy, delves into the emotional erotic space housed in all of us.

They are tastefully written by hands that caress each word, whispered by a mouth eager to share, tasted by a tongue that's quick to respond and the descriptions are housed in a mind with explicit thoughts and details so clear that you could attest to being a witness at each encounter.

Please experience Joy... her antics will set you free.