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The Virtues of Joy

The Virtues of Joy, my first endeavor as a writer, is a compilation of short stories about a woman who moves through life, seeking to find a balance of her carnal self and her desire to be a good girl in her journey to freedom in the 21st Century. Read reviews here.  

More Virtues of Joy

My readers couldn't get enough of the first stories. So, I had to write ten more, More Virtues of Joy. And why not? Pleasure, is, well, pleasure. No worries, there are another amazingly sexy ten short stories on the way in Mor3 Virtues of Joy (08/19)

And, now, my first Novel

A story of Chance and Joy. Chance is the reason for her inspiration. Read and yearn for the level of understanding, patience and attentiveness he displays while helping Joy to understand the importance of trusting and not quitting herself.   

The Weekend of Traveling Roses (06/19)

Available Books

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