December 2019

Joycelyn Wells | 12.25.19

Merry Christmas! Joycelyn Wells Joy Exposed #3cheersofjoy SHAPE personal growth

What's the difference between lonely and lonesome? Why does it feel so fucking crazy at the holidays? Don't we love that babies are growing into adults? What about me? Am I still growing? 

Joycelyn Wells | 12.18.19

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Mommying men, dick size, naturals gifts

Please tune is as we discuss dick sizes, exploring new places and addressing the issue of being put in a mommy position by your man.  

Joycelyn Wells | 12.11.19

Joycelyn Wells, Hollis Gardens, Lakeland, Joy Exposed, Freedom, natural beauty

Exploring the notion of intimacy... being aware of yourself and partner in their entirety. Where do you exist?

Joycelyn Wells | 12.4.19

Joy Exposed, Joycelyn Wells, Forcing your will on others, Empowerment, Self-awareness

Why would someone want to force their way on you? 

Trust me! It's ok to only take what you want. 

November 2019

Joycelyn Wells | 11.20.19

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Empowerment, Freedom, GOAT, Dion Sanders

How can you determine where you are along your journey?  Missing women and children?  And, are you closer to freedom today than yesterday?   

Joycelyn Wells | 11.13.19

Joycelyn Wells, eggplant, dick pics, unsolicited, forcing wants, men are great, Joycelyn Wells

Why do people force their actions on you? I mean seriously, do you think its ok even after I say, NO? Unsolicited dick pics? Fines in Texas?  

Joycelyn Wells | 11.06.19

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Women proposing, Chicken sandwich war

Decisions, decisions! Would you die for a chicken sandwich? How about propose to your guy? Doesn't that change the roles of engagement? Lastly, why I love men as much as I do...

October 2019

Joycelyn Wells | 10/30

Joycelyn Wells, author, Joy Exposed, Love passion happiness, denigration, god's purpose

What's the point of denigrating someone? Isn't that a reflection of your negative self? How and why you should support your children?

Joycelyn Wells | 10/23

Joycelyn Wells, Sexy at 50, 50 years of joy, slumber cap fun, the virtues of joy, joy exposed

Who needs extra support? There was this one time I fell in love with a blanket... it was oh so good to me! And, as adults, should we let others know if we needed special accommodations to learn in school? You know like if there was an IEP or 504 involved?   

Joycelyn Wells | 10/16

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Social Upward Comparison, Insight, Dr. Tasha Eurich

How about we start thinking in a new direction? What do you think about upward social comparison? We are who we are, right? How should we respond to the boundaries placed on us by others? 


Joycelyn Wells | 10/09

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Gaslighting, Conditioning, three cheers of joy, #3cheersofjoy

 Y'all ready to chat? Love languages, mental abuse and manipulation, and, BTW, who conditioned you to suffer in bad relationships?  

Joycelyn Wells | 10/02

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Natural Beauty

Tonight, we chat about those dark spaces that dominant our brain and render our bodies helpless... how do we pull ourselves out? And about that time when I found out that I'm a natural at being a Dominatrix... aannddd what do you think about threesomes? 

September 2019

Joycelyn Wells | 9/25

Joycelyn Wells, car selfie, joy exposed, author, the virtues of joy

I'm back bishes! Whew! Was I tired or what? Lots to talk about tonight... 

Joycelyn Wells | 9/11


Do you ever think too much? Do you know why? I've been trying to figure it out myself. Listen here... I may have a few solutions to ease the mental anguish.

Joycelyn Wells | 9/4

Joycelyn Wells, forgiveness, self help, empowerment, author, ceo

What does it mean to forgive? For what exactly are you asking forgiveness? How do you forgive yourself? 

August 2019

Joycelyn Wells | 8/28

Joycelyn Wells, Birthday, Joy Exposed, Divorce, Freedom, Intention

Happy Birthday to me! Tonight, we will go waaay back to the dirt country roads of Georgia, my parents divorce and, well, how I became the free-spirited woman that I am! Oh, and there's a tiny lesson on the correct way to use chop-sticks... :)

Joycelyn Wells | 8/21

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Friends or nah?, Besties, Wedding hair, Marietta

When is the right time to exit a friendship? When people aren't capable of you, they are incapable of being in a relationship with you. Tonight I'll share the heart-wrenching tale of losing someone I thought very dear...

Joycelyn Wells | 8/14

Joycelyn Wells, Inbox dating, The Virtues of Joy, Author, iTunes, google play, Spotify, shape sol

What's going on in your inbox? Tonight we'll talk intentions and recognizing the leeches. How to keep yourself safe in a world of lazy dating. 

Joycelyn Wells | 8/7

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, Pimpin', Intention, Stronghold, Empowerment, SHAPE

Guess who's gone solo? MEEE! Great conversation about the realization of being pimped! How do you free yourself from the stronghold of someone's intentions of misusing you?

Joycelyn Wells | 8/2

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, The Virtues of Joy, SHAPE Publishing, Leila Rochon, Naples, Italy

I'm back bishes... after a hiatus in Naples, Italy! Tonight, we will talk about women bearing the shame of their husbands infidelities and speaking your intention into the Universe. 

June 2019

Margo Williams | 6/27

Margo Williams, Joycelyn Wells, Christian, Religion, Victim advocate, The Virtues of Joy, BFAM 109.6

An evening of conversation with victims advocate, radio & TV host and author Margo Williams who hails from Los Angeles. She graced us with her words, insights and a poetry reading from her book, 

When God Speaks.

FB: Margo Williams

Joycelyn Wells | 6/20

Joycelyn Wells, Joy Exposed, BFAM 109.6, orgasms, Love Passion Happiness, Author, PRIDE Month

Tonight I'm flying solo! The conversations will range from my crazy spill in San Diego to oh so yummy orgasms to Happy PRIDE to preparing for tomorrow. Enjoy. Watch here! 

Joycelyn Wells

Skinny - C | 6/6

Skinny - C rapper musician Atlanta underground Outkast government shutdown

Phenomenal musician and rapper. Skinny - C hails from Atlanta, GA. He started rapping as a teenager realizing over time that he had, in fact, discovered his gift of rhyme and prose. Watch Live interview here!

Team Skinny - C 

April - May 2019

Chimere Faulk | 5/30

Chimere Faulk Natural Hair Lady Dr. Locs Business woman Entrepreneur

Lucky me, I know Chimere! The Natural Hair Lady and creator of Dr. Locs.

FB: Chimere Faulk 

IG: @naturalhairlady

IG: @drlocs

Jason JHigh Hightower | 5/23


Jason, brilliant visual artist in Atlanta. He performs free hand art throughout the city at Kat's Cafe, art shows and one man shows. Watch Live interview here.

FB: Jason JHigh Hightower

IG: @jasonjhighhightower    

Gigi Robinson | 5/16

gigi robinson i am living aligned sacred sexual educator kink'd up atl

Gigi, an activation life coach, specializing in astrology, sacred sexuality and spiritual health & wellness. Gigi hosts events throughout the country including Witches Brew Activation Retreat & Kink'd Up ATL.  Listen to interview here.


FB: Gigi Robinson  

IG: Iamlivingaligned

Nichole Lanier | 5/9

Nichole Osunyoyin Omiyaale Lanier numerologist sexologist Nichole's cosmic cove

Beautiful, sexy, and brilliant with a gift of numbers! Nichole joined me for a night of fun and insight into why we are exactly who were are! View interview here. 

Wine & Numerology Tour 2019

FB: Nichole Osunyoyin Omiyaale Lanier

IG: nicholescosmiccove

Allan Torruella | 4/25

Allan Torruella Confessions of a rider youtube channel uber live interviews

He's an Uber driver, interviewer and many other things all-in-one. Allan interviewed me after the release of my first book. Now I can return the favor!  

FB: Confessions of a Rider

IG: Confessionsofarider

Carla Thomas | 4/18


Very first guest! She's 1 of 15 most influential women in the metropolitan Atlanta area, community activist and bonafide altruist. Love her! And she is social media free but you can find her through Cobb NAACP and The American Legion. Life of service. XOXO