6/20 All me! All night!

June -

Joycelyn Wells | 6/20

Joycelyn Wells orgasms cisco live joy exposed the virtues of joy bfam 109.6

Tonight I'm flying solo! The conversations will range from orgasms to Happy PRIDE to preparing for tomorrow. Enjoy.

Joycelyn Wells

Skinny - C | 6/6

Skinny - C rapper musician Atlanta underground Outkast government shutdown

Phenomenal musician and rapper. Skinny - C hails from Atlanta, GA. He started rapping as a teenager realizing over time that he had, in fact, discovered his gift of rhyme and prose. Watch Live interview here!

Team Skinny - C 

April - May 2019

Chimere Faulk | 5/30

Chimere Faulk Natural Hair Lady Dr. Locs Business woman Entrepreneur

Lucky me, I know Chimere! The Natural Hair Lady and creator of Dr. Locs.

FB: Chimere Faulk 

IG: @naturalhairlady

IG: @drlocs

Jason JHigh Hightower | 5/23


Jason, brilliant visual artist in Atlanta. He performs free hand art throughout the city at Kat's Cafe, art shows and one man shows. Watch Live interview here.

FB: Jason JHigh Hightower

IG: @jasonjhighhightower    

Gigi Robinson | 5/16

gigi robinson i am living aligned sacred sexual educator kink'd up atl

Gigi, an activation life coach, specializing in astrology, sacred sexuality and spiritual health & wellness. Gigi hosts events throughout the country including Witches Brew Activation Retreat & Kink'd Up ATL.  Listen to interview here.


FB: Gigi Robinson  

IG: Iamlivingaligned

Nichole Lanier | 5/9

Nichole Osunyoyin Omiyaale Lanier numerologist sexologist Nichole's cosmic cove

Beautiful, sexy, and brilliant with a gift of numbers! Nichole joined me for a night of fun and insight into why we are exactly who were are! View interview here. 

Wine & Numerology Tour 2019

FB: Nichole Osunyoyin Omiyaale Lanier

IG: nicholescosmiccove

Allan Torruella | 4/25

Allan Torruella Confessions of a rider youtube channel uber live interviews

He's an Uber driver, interviewer and many other things all-in-one. Allan interviewed me after the release of my first book. Now I can return the favor!  

FB: Confessions of a Rider

IG: Confessionsofarider

Carla Thomas | 4/18


Very first guest! She's 1 of 15 most influential women in the metropolitan Atlanta area, community activist and bonafide altruist. Love her! And she is social media free but you can find her through Cobb NAACP and The American Legion. Life of service. XOXO