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Forgiveness | 9.4.19

What does it mean to forgive? For what exactly are you asking forgiveness? Tonight, we spend some time exploring the idea of forgiving others before we tackle the most important step is to forgive is ourselves. We can't move forward along our path burdened with the sins of others. 

It's My Birthday! | 8.28.19

Happy Birthday to me! Tonight, we will go waaay back to the dirt country roads of Georgia, my parents divorce and, well, how I became the free-spirited woman that I am! Oh, and there's a tiny lesson on the correct way to use chop-sticks... :)

Besties or nah? | 8.21.19

When is the right time to exit a friendship? When people aren't capable of you, they are incapable of being in a relationship with you. Tonight I'll share the heart-wrenching tale of losing someone I thought very dear...

Wait! Am I being pimped? | 8.14.19

Guess who's gone solo? MEEE! Great conversation about the realization of being pimped! How do you free yourself from the stronghold of someone's intentions of misusing you?

Lazy Dating! 8.7.19

What's going on in your inbox? Tonight we'll talk intentions and recognizing the leeches. How to keep yourself safe in a world of lazy dating.

Say It Out Loud | 8.1.19

I'm back bishes... after a hiatus in Naples, Italy! Tonight, we will talk about women bearing the shame of their husbands infidelities and speaking your intention into the Universe.