An Emotional Health Journey

Episode 1: Joycelyn shares her thoughts and experience with suffering from depression for years. What does it look like? How does it feel? Watch as she explains Self, Health and Personal Empowerment on YouTube.  

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YouTube - Love. Passion. Happiness


Joycelyn Wells Youtube series love passion happiness self-love self love

Episode 2: Ever wonder about the importance of loving you? Joycelyn shares her ideas about self-love and creating a healthy sense of being. 

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Know Your Truth

Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness youtube series know your truth

Episode 3: Would you lie to yourself? What happens when you tell yourself the truth?   

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Nooks & Crannies

Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness youtube series love love everywhere love nooks and crannies

Episode 4: Are you open to love? From where do you receive love?

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Unexpected Lessons

Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness unexpected lessons youtube series

Episode 5: Sometimes the best of life lessons come from the most unexpected sources. Live your own best life.  

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Bumps & Bruises

Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness bumps and bruises life's lessons learning growth yoga

Episode 6: How are you preparing for life's bumps and bruises? 

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Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness youtube series ownership self-care

Episode 7: Who is responsible for you? When you make the choice to do you, who assumes responsibility for your actions? Who is the owner of you? 

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Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness words speak life not death youtube series

Episode 8: Words are powerful! Did you know that you aren't responsible for how others receive your words? Wait a minute, LOL, though, you are responsible for how you deliver them! 

Ask questions and spew with intent! 

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Yes, No and Maybe

Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness yes, no and maybe speak with certainty youtube series

Episode 9: I'm sharing two of my favorite words and a phrase that I absolutely loath... Amazing how we travel through life searching and seeking without realizing being a 'yes position' is the key to finding our way!  

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I Want...

Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness youtube serises i want be open to something new or different

Episode 10: Is receiving what you want ever really enough? I find myself always wanting more.  

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Joycelyn Wells love passion happiness self-awareness aelf-love youtube series

Episode 11: Who are you independent of everyone around you? How do you shut out the noise? 

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Episode 12: Coming soon.